Spring 2000 Speaker Series
Friday, January 28th,
Mr. Rodger Schlickeisen
President, Defenders of Wildlife
Friday, February 4th,
Mr. Richard Lowry
Editor, The National Review
Friday, February 11th,
Mr. Gary Gallagher
Professor, University of Virginia Department of History
Thursday, February 24th,
Mr. Jack Lew
Director, the White House Office of Management and Budget
Friday, February 25th,
Dr. Howard Dean
Governor of Vermont
Friday, March 3rd,
Rev. Pat Robertson
Chairman and CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Friday, March 10th,
Mr. John Judis
Author, Grand Illusion: Critics And Champions Of The American Century
Friday, March 24th,
Ms. Penny Rue
Dean of Students, University of Virginia
Friday, April 7th,
Mr. J. Carter Brown
Director Emeritus, National Gallery of Art
Friday, April 21st,
Mr. Wilbert Bryant
Secretary of Education, State of Virginia
Friday, April 28th,
Mr. Henry Muller
Editorial Director, Time Magazine