Spring 1997 Speaker Series
Friday, January 24th,
Mr. Rolf Benzinger
Professor, Department of Biology, University of Virginia
Friday, January 31st,
Mr. David Wurmser
American Enterprise Institute
Friday, January 31st,
Mr. Richard Curtis
Washington Report in Middle Eastern Affairs
Friday, February 7th,
Mr. Glenn Beamer
Professor, Department of Government and Foreign Affairs
Friday, February 14th,
Mr. Bernard Mayes
Friday, February 28th,
Mr. J.A. Parker
President, The Lincoln Institute
Friday, March 7th,
Mr. Larry W. Bryant
Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Thursday, March 20th,
Mr. Frank Fahrenkopf
Former Chairman, Republican National Committee; Chairman, Comission of Presidential Debates
Friday, March 21st,
Mr. John Magaw
Director, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Friday, March 28th,
Mr. Leigh Montville
Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated
Friday, April 11th,
Mr. Adam Watson
Former Undersecretary, NATO affairs, United Kingdom
Friday, April 11th,
Professor John Sullivan
Department of English
Friday, April 11th,
Mr. Thomas Schatz
President, Citizens Against Governmental Waste
Friday, April 18th,
Mr. Louis D. Friedman
Executive Director, The Planetary Society