Fall 1996 Speaker Series
Friday, September 13th,
Mr. James Woolsey
Former Director of the CIA
Friday, September 20th,
Mr. Robert Chase
President-elect of the National Education Association
Friday, September 27th,
Mr. Virgil S. Ward
Director, Virginia Center for Educational Development
Friday, October 11th,
Mrs. Lisa Nelson
Executive Director, GOPAC
Friday, October 18th,
Mrs. Judith Desarno
President and CEO, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association
Friday, October 25th,
Mr. John Moon
Director, E.A. Poe Museum in Richmond
Friday, November 1st,
Mr. Sheldon Hackney
Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
Friday, November 15th,
Mr. Arnold Trebach
President, Drug Policy Foundation
Friday, December 6th,
Mr. Mauro E. Mujica
Chairman, U.S. English Inc