Fall 2007 Speaker Series
Friday, September 7th, 6:00 PM
Jefferson Hall
Dr. Ajay Royyuru
Dr. Ajay Royyuru, Head of IBM's computational biology department.
Friday, September 14th, 6:00 PM
Jefferson Hall
Dr. Seth Shostak
Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute.
Friday, September 21st, 6:00 PM
Jefferson Hall
Dr. Don E. Detmer
Dr. Don Detmer, The President and CEO of the American Medical Informatics Association.
Friday, October 5th, 6:00 PM
South Meeting Room of Newcomb Hall
Dr. Robert Solow
Dr. Robert Solow, Recipient of 1987 Nobel Prize in Economics.

The visit is cosponsored by the University of Virginia's Department of Economics, and by the Economics Club of the University of Virginia.
Friday, October 12th, 7:29 PM
Jefferson Hall
Mr. Nicholas L. Johnson
Mr. Nicholas L. Johnson, Chief Scientist NASA Orbital Debris
Wednesday, October 17th, 7:00 PM
Rotunda Dome Room
South American Journalism Panel
South American Journalism Panel
The Virginia Quarterly Review and the Pulitzer Center of Crisis Reporting, in partnership with the Jefferson Society, presented a South American journalism panel in the Rotunda Dome Room.
Friday, October 19th, 7:29 PM
Jefferson Hall
Dr. Stuart Davies
Dr. Stuart Davies, Director of Harvard's Center for Tropical Forest Science
Friday, October 26th, 7:29 PM
Jefferson Hall
Mr. Paul Bibeau
Mr. Paul Bibeau, a Jefferson Society alumnus, a former correspondent for Maxim Magazine, and the author of a humorous travel book on Transylvania and the vampire cult ("Sundays With Vlad"), recently published by Crown.
Friday, November 2nd, 7:29 PM
Jefferson Hall
John Miller
John Miller, U.S. Ambassador At Large on human trafficking; GWU Research Professor
Friday, November 9th, 7:29 PM
Newcomb Hall Commonwealth Room
Dr. Larry Sanger
Dr. Larry Sanger, Editor-in-Chief of Citizendium and co-Founder of Wikipedia
Friday, November 16th, 7:29 PM
Jefferson Hall
Larry Peck
Larry Peck, Former Vice President for Global Fuels Technology for BP, and current Chief Operating Officer of Cilion.
Friday, November 16th, 8:30 PM
Jefferson Hall
Thomas Albright
Thomas Albright, Director of the Vision Center Laboratory, Salk Institute