Fall 1995 Speaker Series
Friday, September 1st,
Mr. Paul Beckner
President, Citizens for a Sound Economy
Friday, September 8th,
Mrs. Rita Mae Brown
Friday, September 15th,
Mrs. Becky Cain
President of the League of Women Voters
Friday, September 22nd,
Mr. Allen Weinstein
President, Center for Democracy
Friday, September 29th,
Mr. William Futrell
President, Environmental Law Institute
Friday, October 6th,
Mr. Ray Suarez
Host, Talk of the Nation, NPR News
Friday, October 13th,
Mr. Allan Murray
Washington Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal
Friday, November 3rd,
Mr. Charles Bierbauer
Senior Washington Correspondent, Cable News Network
Friday, November 10th,
Mrs. Laura Murphy
Director, D.C. Office of the ACLU
Friday, November 17th,
Mr. Charlie Rose
Host, Public Affairs, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Friday, December 1st,
Mr. Reed Irvine
Chairman, Accuracy in Media
Friday, December 8th,
Mr. Reg Murphy
Vice-President, National Geographic Society