Spring 1995 Speaker Series
Friday, January 27th,
Mr. Thomas Sorenson
Political Analyst
Friday, February 3rd,
Mrs. Anne Bryant
Executive Director for the American Association of University Women
Friday, February 17th,
Major Marc L. Warren
U.S. Army, faculty, Judge Advocate General School
Friday, March 24th,
Mr. Fred Karnas
Executive Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless
Friday, March 31st,
Mr. Julian Noble
Professor, Department of Physics
Friday, April 7th,
Ms. Mary Jo Bane
Assistant Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, Children and Families Division
Thursday, April 13th,
Mrs. Sarah Brady
Chair, Handgun Control Inc.
Friday, April 28th,
Mr. David Ellwood
Assistant Secretary of the Department of Human Health and Services