Fall 1994 Speaker Series
Friday, September 9th,
Mr. William H. Harmon
Vice-President for Student Affairs, U.Va
Friday, September 16th,
Mr. William Ensign
Architect of the United States Capitol
Friday, September 30th,
Mr. Norman S. Karpf
Trial Attorney, former Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Societ
Friday, October 7th,
Mr. Lawrence Walsh
Independent Counselor for the Iran-Contra Hearings
Friday, October 21st,
Mr. Charles Richard Bowers
U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia
Friday, November 11th,
Mr. Hugh D. McCormick
Friday, November 18th,
Professor Raymond C. Bice, Jr.
Honorary Member, University Historian, Department of Psychology
Friday, December 2nd,
Professor Larry J. Sabaton
Political Pundit, Department of Government and Foreign Affairs, UVa