Fall 1993 Speaker Series
Friday, September 10th,
Mr. Allen St. Pierre
Assistant National Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Friday, September 17th,
Ms. Elizabeth Tucker
Professor, Department of Drama, U.Va
Friday, September 24th,
Mr. Edward Peck
Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq
Friday, October 1st,
Mr. William Sessions
Former Director of the FBI
Friday, October 15th,
Ms. Kate Michelman
President of the National Abortion Rights Action League
Friday, October 22nd,
Mr. Edward Teller
Inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb
Wednesday, November 3rd,
Mr. Tom Clancy
Friday, November 5th,
Mrs. Ingrid Newkirk
President of PETA
Wednesday, November 10th,
Mr. Bill Headline
Cable News Network Bureau Chief
Friday, November 19th,
Mr. Jay Hair
President of the National Wildlife Foundation
Friday, December 3rd,
Mr. Robert Gates
Former CIA Director
Friday, December 10th,
Mr. Daniel P. Jordan
President, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation