Current Officers

Officers of the Society
President Mr. Daniel Jachim (Fall 2019)
Vice President Ms. Taylor Williams (Fall 2019)
Secretary Mr. Andrew Chambers (Fall 2019)
Treasurer Ms. Isabella Liu (Fall 2019)
Historian Mr. William Krag (2019-2020)
Room Seven Resident Ms. Kristen Barrett (2019-2020)
AIG Chair Ms. Grayson Katzenbach (Spring 2019)
Probationary Chair Mr. William Krag (Spring 2019)
Membership Chair Mr. Alexander Gregorio (Spring 2019)
Ways & Means Chair Ms. Savannah Horton (Spring 2019)
Pen & Ink Chair Ms. Katherine Smith (Spring 2019)
Debate & Oratory Chair Mr. Michael Hays (Spring 2019)
Restoration Ball Chair Ms. Savannah Horton (2019-2020)
Parliamentarian Mr. Daniel Jachim (Spring 2019)
Sergeant-At-Arms Mr. Ben Borenstein (Spring 2019)
Illuminator Ms. Virginia Chambers (Spring 2019)